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Default Hello

Hey, I just purchased a 2012 Cruze Eco with a 6 speed manual.
I pick the car up this week, how are people liking theirs?

I currently have a 240km round trip commute to work monday to friday so it should be interesting to see the mileage I get with this car. I basically only drive highway and I hypermile as best as I can, my old Saturn SC2 pulled 40mpg a couple times.

I use a Scangauge so I will be cross referencing the DIC with the Scangauge.

I also have a 95' Camaro Z28 with an intake, exhaust and 100 shot of nitrous.
Dyno put down 270whp and 308wtrq all motor and 379whp and 408wtrq on nitrous.

13.7 @ 106mph on the 1/4 mile on motor. no nitrous numbers yet.
2012 Cruze ECO M6
1995 Camaro Z28 M6 - 379whp w/100 shot
- 408wtrq w/100 shot
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I think you'll find the DIC "mpg" values are typically too optimistic -- higher than calculated using pump & odometer numbers -- by about 5-10%, at least that's what I've found with our 2011 Cruze LTZ. Maybe the 2012's have better algorithm(s)?

Our SGII numbers are much more accutate, usually within +/- 0.1 mpg, once "calibrated" for both engine and gasoline (varies slightly with alcohol content).
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1968 Dodge Charger 383 3A
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Welcome to the forum! Post up some pics.
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Welcome !
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welcome. I love my cruze. I have a 2011, 1LT auto & it's great
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So hows it riding magoo? Nice handling?
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howdy!! welcome!
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