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surge and more surge

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My 2 week old 2012 Cruze seems to surge under acceleration. Kind of feels like the fuel feed is getting ...

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Default surge and more surge

My 2 week old 2012 Cruze seems to surge under acceleration. Kind of feels like the fuel feed is getting restricted, and I can watch the tach sometimes drop and then return to current RPM. Doesn't feel like the trans is shifting, just like a loss of power, in and out. Also has an in and out type vibration, kind of a rolling vibration, I can feel it a lot more when the A/C is on, and it's not the A/C kicking in and out, I recognize that feeling. When the air is kicked on the engine gets a rough idle as well. I can see the driver side rear view mirror vibrating as well. It kinda comes in and out as well, and it is to the point that I can see a car in the mirror, but it vibrates so much I can't tell what the car is.
1050 miles on the car, I wanted to get 1000 on it just to see if it was some goofy learning stage, but nothing has changed, been doing it since I drove it off the lot.
I also get the screaming windshield noise, or whatever it is from the front of the car at highway speeds (60-70) with a crosswind coming at the driver side.
I looked at all the reviews I could from motor trend etc, and all looked good, but since I've been on the forums and with my experience so far, it's not looking good for Chevy.
I was looking at the Honda's, but decided to go American as I've had good luck with other GM products in the past. Not a good experience with this Cruze as of yet.
I like the body style, and the goodies that came with the 1LT package I have, but if it can't perform as a basic car and get me down the road without jerking, shaking, surging etc, it doesn't reflect on Chevy all that well. By the way, I drive 120 a day commuting in the desert heat of Nevada.

I see a lot of things about the Trifecta tuning, and might be willing to go that route if it cures the problems that Chevy can't seem to cure, but I haven't heard a lot about the tuning with folks having the problems I seem to be having with all the surge etc.
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...if you're a DIY person, first, check your spark plug gaps -- yes, I wrote spark plug gaps! Apparently, many 2011 and 2012 1.4LT Cruze owners have been finding that opening them up from the widely-varying 0.020-0.030" gap to 0.032-0.035" has not only "cured" the roughness and stumble but also slightly improved their fuel economy.
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smokinone, the characteristics you describe are definitely not typical of a normally functioning cruze. The surging definitely sounds like a leaning of the gas mixture. A poor fuel pump or restricted filter could cause this. I have a 2012 LTZ and the car is surprisingly quiet at speed. Have your dealer check out the causes of your problems before you start any mods and run into a warranty issue.
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I'd like to see some pictures of Led lights around the headlights on a 2012 chevy cruze. I'm thinking of getting some but want to see how they may look.
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i too have the same issue and may i what is the remedy for this issue
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It is not normal for your car to surge. It could be an internal problem in the tranny.
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