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Reason for absence

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In response to the email I received wondering WHY I have not been in the cruzeforum for a long time, ...

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Default Reason for absence

In response to the email I received wondering WHY I have not been in the cruzeforum for a long time, the answer is simple- I no longer have my 2011 Cruze LTZ RS because of an erratic, crappy shifting transmission and lack of acceleration at times. For 6+ months I dealt with GM "customer service" from the Business Resource Center(I think that was the name) AND GM CORPORATE! ALL of it was a WASTE of 6 months of my life! The FINAL straw was on January 26, 2013 when a GM "engineer" claimed that it was "operating as designed" after driving it for only 13 miles.

So, on January 31 with 13,300 miles on it, the Cruze was GONE and replaced with a 2013 Buick Verano Turbo that is NOTHING like the Cruze no matter who says it's based on the Cruze! My Verano is 7 months old with 4,800 miles and I do NOT have ONE complaint/concern/problem!

I guess I should thank my lucky stars that I "only" had a transmission problem and NOT the antifreeze smell that plagued models from 2011-2013! Supposedly, the problem has been narrowed down to 3-4 possible areas that must be checked out. The major one involves taking the entire dash apart! Exactly what you would love to have done on a brand new car!

However, as the GM excuse makers in cruzetalk.com love to say, all cars have problems and GM is fixing them so no need to get upset. Just because a car is new doesn't mean it's problem free according to them!

Oh well, MY problem is GONE! I thank God I never got killed when I stepped on the gas and the car didn't react at all! I had 2 close calls, GM did not care!
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Replaced with 2013 Crystal Red Buick Verano Turbo with Nav on 1/31/13!

Some pics: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/fast...Verano%20Turbo

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Well, this brings up an interesting situation: How would YOU characterize the pros/cons of these two GM vehicles, the Cruze and the Verano? Your comments would provide valuable information to many readers.
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