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Cruze Headaches? Why?

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I just got a Diesel Cruze and suddenly am getting headaches. For the life of me, I just cannot figure ...

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Default Cruze Headaches? Why?

I just got a Diesel Cruze and suddenly am getting headaches. For the life of me, I just cannot figure out why. At first, I though I might have an exhaust leak, but that does not seem to be the case. Then I thought it might be somehting the dealer added when he "preped" the car? But really, I am now just grasping at straws. So far, the car is really doing well. It gets great fuel mileage and has really good acceleration after the turbo kicks in. Seriously! It feels like JATO bottles! So if I can just get the headache under control then I will be a really happy owner.

Oh, when I roll down the windows, I do not get a headach, but when I roll them up, I get one within an hour. I have had the car about a month. It was so bad at first that I actually went to the emergency room and got an MRI on my head. I was convinced that I had gotten brain cancer and had only weeks to live. Then I went to Hawaii and the headaches stopped. Then I came back home and the headaches resumed. My wife ask me to take her minivan to assess a mysterious noise she had heard and I did not get a headach that day. That is when I finally connected the headaches to the car. Now after several confirming test. It is definately the car that is causing them. But why??!! This is not normal. This is my 17th new car. Any thoughts?
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