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Premium Fuel?

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Originally Posted by Smitty I have seen a massive difference in my 2014 Cruze running 91 in the summer; especially ...

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Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
I have seen a massive difference in my 2014 Cruze running 91 in the summer; especially up obnoxious hills. Being that this is my first turbocharged car and having just bought my Cruze this past summer, should I stay with 91 throughout the Upstate NY winter or will the engine be fine with 87 with the cold temperatures? Any experiences or advice? Thanks!
When you say massive, how much of an improvement are you talking about? I tried running 93 in mine for a while and only saw maybe an improvement of up to 1.5 mpg on some fill-ups compared to what I was running on 87. I've been back on 87 for a while now.

I've seen more of an increase in mileage by just changing my driving style.

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I cannot say what the difference was for fuel economy, but the power and response of the engine went up dramatically with the higher octane. For instance...went up a pretty steep hill and the car struggled in 3rd (my car has a MT). I later found out from a lot of Cruze owners that higher octane is the way to go via Google. After a few weeks of 91 octane, I took the same obnoxious road with the hill and instead of struggling to get out of 2nd to 3rd, I was in 4th going into 5th when I crested the same hill.
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