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Which would you say is better?
I am currently looking at new vehicles after mine was totalled this last weekend... and here is my question for all you men/women out there... ford or chevy???... I have only ever owned ford, my first car was an 88 ford tempo (was my nana's but I got it when I was 17)... when I had to take my drivers test I couldnt drive that vehicle because the breaks were hardly working, the windshield wipers didnt work, and neither did the horn... not to mention all the fabric on the ceiling ripped and hanging down into the cabin lol =P But, it was my first car so naturally it was my baby... and so I got a 2001 ford focus and have been paying for it for 4 years... until this weekend when a guy ran a red and destroyed it...bastard...
So there is my background story... I am currently looking at the chevy cruze, but am hesitant because, as I said, I have only ever had ford... I was thinking of getting a new focus, but I am afraid that will be to much of a reminder of the accident for me, I can't hardly look at my sister's focus when I walk out the front door without tearing I was also looking at the fusion rather than a focus, but now I am stuck with the whole which maker is better question... so what do you all think would be a better choice and why??? Any advice or opinions are appreciated =P Thanks
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