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Default INJEN Intake install, what the instructions dont tell you.

I installed an INJEN CAI on my 1.8 cruse today and although I am very happy with the product, I regret to say that I am completely unsatisfied with their included instructions.

First, the instructions tell you to remove the stock air box and intake first. This does not work out well because when you get to removing the bumper cover you need to turn the wheels to get to the bolts in the wheel well. Unless you want to start the car and turn the wheels without a MAF or intake on the car, you should remove the bumper cover first.

This leads me to my next point. They say in the instructions to remove the screws under the bumper and to do this use a T25 Torx. They never say a word about any screws in the wheels wells which are necessary to remove in order to take off the bumper cover. Also, at least on my cruze, these are not a T25, but rather a T20. I spent 5 mins underneath the car just trying to find something that a T25 fit in before i gave up and just used the T20 on the visible screws.

Speaking of Screws, they give you new ones in order to attach the MAF to the new intake tube. It says nothing in the instructions about what size you need to screw these in. I did find that a 2.5 allen key works well.

I did end up with a check engine light, however pulling the positive off the battery for about 10 mins and reconnecting it fixed this.

Overall I am very happy with the CAI, i like the sound a lot and I'll have to see what kind of MPG and power increases i get over time. But the instructions are worthless..

Chevy Cruze CAI Install, What the manufacterers don't tell you - YouTube
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Injen now installed.

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