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Default Plasti-Dip how to

I noticed there isn't much talk of Plasti-dip on this forum and it is becoming a very popular way to do exterior modifications. Below is a How-to video to help anyone who is new to this trend. Also a few important tips;

1. The area does not need to be scuffed or sanded, simply clean of all grease or wax. A bit of rubbing alcohol or Windex does an amazing job followed by a water only wet paper towel to make sure the cleaner is gone. The whole upside to PLasti-dip is to modify without destroying. If you mess up or get tired of it you can simply peel it away and its back to normal.

2. Masking tape, Masking tape, Masking tape, and newspaper. Trust me when i say that this stuff over sprays like no other. I personally recommend covering a 3 foot radius around where your spraying to be sure. Try to spray when there is no wind.

3. Even though Plasti-Dip sprays on like spray paint it is not the same when it comes to finishing. When you done and happy with the product you cannot just rip the tape and masking off. First you need to go around the entire tape seam with a razor blade. IF you do not complete this step the spray will peel right back off with the tape. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!.

How to Plasti-Dip Spray - YouTube
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