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Default I totalled my Cruze:

but I got another today!

The accident was my fault, there is much that I either don't remember or that I just can't believe happened!

What you should know, is that I was hit squarely in the passenger side of the vehicle, by a car doing at least 50mph; anyway I was hit and turned upside down and backwards!

Here's the kicker, which I have a hard time believing because I'm 53 and have been wearing a seat-belt since I was a kid, not to mention all my years in the Military where you had to buckle up, before most States even required it.

I wish that I had pictures, but the most important thing to know is that although I had to crawl out of the broken back window of the car, I did walk away relatively uninjured after setting off 8 of the 10 airbags and may not have even buckled up!

By the way, I loved the car and that is why I got another!

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