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Default Brian is not customer service focused...

I am right there with you regarding Brian Blair. I had a couple of Saab tunes done and have not been pleased. My 2.0 tune caused the turbo to "howl" like crazy. When I asked him about it, he simply said that happens. Why not tell someone up front. Then, two weeks after I got the tune I ended up selling the car and asked about swapping the tune to my other 2.0. (mind you, I had also purchased a tune for my 2.8 saab, which had to be redone several times before it ran okay). Brian said sure, for another $699 bucks...really?!?!? After I already bought 2 tunes?!?!? I don't mind someone making money but that is ridiculous. I could see 100 - 200 but a full 699.

SO, I bought my next 3 tunes from JWZ and they run so much better! Brian is a complete jerk. If you can, buy elsewhere and avoid the frustration.
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