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Default My very unpleasant $2,004.00 experience with vTuner Vermont Tuning

My very unpleasant $2,004.00 experience with vTuner Vermont Tuning

On 8/29/13 I purchased an upgraded turbocharger assembly, water methanol system, and tuning services in exchange of $2,004.00 from Vermont Tuning LLC for a 2013 Chevrolet Sonic.

After waiting over 3 weeks, I finally received and installed my new turbo.

After only 128 miles of use, the propeller shaft in the turbo broke behind the turbine causing catastrophic turbo failure. Oil dumped into the exhaust causing an epic smoke screen that halted 4 lanes of freeway traffic and summoned the highway patrol to the scene.

After a $120 tow bill, my broken car was home.

I immediately contacted Brian Blair of Vermont Tuning LLC and alerted him of the situation. His reply was to accuse me of using an improper tune, or starving the turbo of oil. Neither of these items occurred.

I knew this was going to turn out bad.

So I pull the turbo and send it in.

In the mean time I spend another $450.00 for a new stock turbo (from a different seller) just so I can have my car to drive.

After another delay of 2 weeks I’m notified that the upgraded turbo failed because foreign matter contacted the turbine wheel, so it’s my fault.

Yeah… Debris magically entered my exhaust system and destroyed my turbo. For sure.

Oh yeah, and he tells me for another $400.00+ I can buy another upgraded turbo at cost.

F*&k that. He’s not getting any more of my money.

Anyway, I can’t prove I received a defective turbo any more than they can prove I damaged it. People can say/claim whatever they choose. That’s not the point of this post.

The point of this post is to let everyone know that if you have a problem with Vermont Tuning LLC, it will be deemed your fault and you will be sh*t out of luck and out whatever money you paid.

Also, the tuning services I received were questionable. My car never ran quite right with Brian’s tuning. I tried every conceivable setting on the water meth controller and after many tune updates the car misses at wide open throttle. This is a brand new car with less than 500 miles on it at the time & I am a patient & competent mechanic. Brian still offers to help me tune the car, but for what? Without the upgraded turbo, I don’t need/want his tune.

I want the upgraded turbo I paid for, or a refund.

So at this point for my $2,004.00 all I have is massive aggravation & a water methanol kit.

I’m sure this guy is liked in the community. But I feel screwed by Vermont Tuning LLC. Your experience may vary.

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