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Question Coolant/antifreeze smell

For those of you who are experiencing the coolant/antifreeze smell and are getting nowhere with the dealer AND/OR GM, you might want to watch this video. Maybe you could contact this TV station or the Lemon Lawyer in the video for some help or advice. I know people in groups like this love to say- change dealers- but WHY should you? It's up to GM to keep these dealers in line! It's up to Akerson to see that the people under him are doing their job! If GM can make a dealer spend $$$$$$ changing their buildings to the blue/silver theme, I would think that they could certainly make them tow the line when it comes to service and the BS some of the service advisors tell customers.

I know the economy still stinks, but Toyota is selling tons of cars, enough to knock GM out of the number 1 spot! If GM doesn't open their eyes and start to help their customers, they can expect to go lower in the ratings. It's happened before and it can happen again!

Here's the link
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