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CUDA, that's a great explanation.

I do have an update. I DID refuel with premium recently and went through my first tank on it. That first fill-up with premium was 11.25 gallons, so about 3/4 of the tank after refueling was premium.

Doing some comparing, since I purchased the car, on seven tanks of regular I have run an average of 27.7mpg. My first tank on premium I got 29.8mpg, so about 2mpg better than my overall average on regular and 0.8mpg better than my previous best, which was also on regular. I'll run premium for a while so I can get a running average on it and go from there. So far it looks like it may pay off, but I'm not going to get ahead of myself. I do notice a slight performance improvement which is nice.
Just to note, my previous best was 29.0mpg (on regular) and that was on the very first tank I went through from the dealership. That drive home from the dealership was mostly higher speed main roads and highway, plus I was driving slow(er) because it was through a blizzard.

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