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Default Tire Shine

Within last five years or so I have been using Meguiar's Hot Shine Tire Coating and love the results. It comes in a 15 oz. aerosol can and is applied like spray paint. Application is nice and does not run. Once applied, I go over the wheel with a dry shop towel to remove any overspray. The Hot Shine sticks to the tire and resists slinging very well and the longer it's left to cure, before driving, the more it will resist slinging. Black paint tends to show this fairly easily and I've been getting practically no sling onto my black Monte Carlo. One application of Hot Shine will holds its shine for quite a while.

I'm not a fan of foam tire shine because, well, it just tends to be a pain. When applied, it runs and has a lot of excess that needs to be wiped down from both the tire and wheel. The foam also slings off the tires and down the side of the vehicle quite a bit. It generally loses it's shine relatively quickly.

I'm also not a fan of gel, applied with an applicator, because it usually can't get down into the grooves and features of the tire's sidewall.

  • Don't apply a spray tire shine in any wind because the wind can carry the overspray all over the vehicle's paint. If it is windy, move the car into a garage or other sheltered area.
  • Apply in one motion at a continuous speed, like you're applying spray paint because that's basically what it is. I usually do the top half of the tire and then the bottom half, applying in half circular, arched motions.
Other products or recommendations are welcome.

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